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What products are included in the vacuum coating machine?


The vacuum coating machine is composed of many parts, each of which plays a different role and also plays a key role. None of them is dispensable. Only by combining all the parts of the vacuum coating machine, can we completely plate the high-quality products we want. With the development of vacuum deposition equipment, it can be divided into different industrial equipment according to the industry, which is used in the production of many basic industrial products. The composition of vacuum coating machine can be divided into four major parts: first, vacuum obtaining equipment, second, vacuum carrying equipment, third, vacuum measuring instruments, and fourth, vacuum accessories.
Vacuum acquisition equipment
The vacuum acquisition equipment is a pump, which is subdivided into: Roots vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, steam vacuum pump, jet pump, molecular pump, ion pump, etc. For detailed information on the data and parameters of various pumps, please move to the vacuum pump product section.

Vacuum bearing equipmen
Vacuum carrying equipment is the main body of vacuum equipment. Each industry is different. For example, the coating industry is called vacuum deposition equipment, the drying industry is called vacuum dryer, and the packaging industry is called vacuum packaging machine. Equipment in each industry can be divided into different functions according to the process. Let's take the coating industry as an example:

vacuum coating machine can be divided into vacuum Magnetron sputtering coating equipment, vacuum evaporation coating equipment, vacuum ion coating equipment, vacuum physical vapor deposition equipment, vacuum optical coating equipment, etc. Each type of equipment differs due to its different process and technology, and different products require different types of processes.

Vacuum measuring instruments
Vacuum measuring instruments include vacuum pressure value tester, flow measuring instrument, and vacuum leak detector. Vacuum pressure tester, also known as vacuum gauge (resistance vacuum gauge, composite vacuum gauge, thermocouple vacuum gauge, etc.); Vacuum leak detectors include spark leak detectors, halogen leak detectors, helium mass spectrometry leak detectors, etc; Flow measuring instruments include float flow meters, dropper flow meters, mass flow meters, etc.

Vacuum accessories
Vacuum fittings are the connecting link between various vacuum equipment components, commonly used vacuum fittings include vacuum valves, vacuum pipeline fittings, vacuum pump oil, etc.

The components described above are indispensable as vacuum coating machine, and each component plays a vital role in the coating process. When we have problems in the coating process, we need to check in each link, from each vacuum deposition equipment component to check, because each component has the possibility of failure, but there must be primary and secondary points in the troubleshooting process, which requires the coating engineers to control.