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Introduction to optical pvd coating machine



optical pvd coating machine is widely used in digital technology (imaging, display, circuit, structural decoration), traditional optics, glasses, scientific instruments, optical communication, semiconductor, new energy, etc. Optical coating equipment Optical film is based on coating specific film quality on optical elements to change the characteristics of light wave transmission and the effect of interference light. High technology is changing people's lives. optical coating equipment is naturally favored by the market, and there will be a broader prospect in the future. What role does optical film play in the optical system? Below is a detailed introduction by the vacuum editor, hoping to help everyone:

optical pvd coating machine

1. Improve optical efficiency and reduce stray light, such as coating optical thin films on mirrors to improve or reduce the reflection effect of light. High reflective mirrors only take reflected light and minimize transmitted light as much as possible; The anti reflection mirror reduces the emission of light on the surface of optical components and improves the transmission of light.

2. Realize the adjustment or redistribution of light beams, such as the application of color separators and spectroscopes. There are neutral spectroscopes, bicolor spectroscopes, polarized spectroscopes, etc., which change the transmission, reflection, and refraction of light through the characteristics of optical thin films.

3. Improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the system through wavelength selective transmission, such as bandpass filters and cutoff filters. A bandpass filter refers to a filter with high transmittance in a certain frequency range but low transmittance on both sides. A type of optical device in which a cutoff filter is opaque in one wavelength band and has a high transmittance in another adjacent wavelength band.

Optical films can be coated by optical pvd coating machine. The coating technology includes gaseous film forming method and liquid film forming method. The gaseous film forming method can be divided into chemical vapor deposition (CPV) and physical vapor deposition (PVD); The liquid film forming method can be divided into chemical or electrochemical processes.

The so-called thin film must control the thickness of the film layer. Generally, the thickness monitoring of the film layer can be done using visual methods (recognized by the human eye), quartz crystal monitoring methods (detected by a quartz crystal oscillator), and optical monitoring methods (analyzed through a complete optical system).

Optical thin film materials: Commonly used optical thin film materials can be divided into oxides, fluorides, and alloys in terms of chemical composition. Each of the three materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. Oxides have the characteristics of high melting point, large specific gravity, high mechanical strength, high refractive index, and hard film texture; Fluorides have the characteristics of low melting point, small specific gravity, low refractive index, soft film, and fear of water; Alloy has strong reflective and absorptive properties.
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