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Coating adhesion of plastic vacuum coating machine



The application of plastics accounts for a large proportion in daily life, and people are paying more and more attention to improving the performance of plastics. The coating of plastics can affect various properties of plastics. Of course, the performance of plastics will be different due to different processes and structures in the coating process. The following focuses on the coating process of plastic vacuum coating machine.

plastic vacuum coating machine

The coating of vacuum coating machine is to put the pretreated plastic substrate into the vacuum chamber, vacuumize the equipment to reach a high vacuum state, and use plasma to bombard the film material to evaporate the coating layer to make the film adhere to the plastic surface. The higher the adhesion, the more stable the bonding; The so-called adhesion, also known as bonding force, refers to the strength to which the film layer binds or adheres to the substrate. There are two types of adhesion: basic adhesion and actual adhesion.

For the coating of plastic vacuum coating machine, the optical film is widely used in industry. The optical film technology has developed into an independent technology. Some countries have independent research institutes and production plants. The current optical film technology has formed a complete system in theory, design, measurement, process and calculation, The optical plastic is treated before coating, and the plasma with certain energy is used for surface bombardment and plasma assisted coating, which can go deep into the plastic surface to form chemical bond, improve the physical bonding and chemical adsorption of the film on the plastic substrate, and improve the adhesion of the film.

Modern vacuum deposition technology has been applied in industry for nearly half a century. vacuum coating machine has developed from bell jar type equipment to box type fully automatic equipment, and has adopted advanced testing and control technology, constantly improving existing technology and adopting new technology.
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