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What fields of pvd coating machine technology application



         The pvd coating machine factory pointed out that with the continuous research on the pvd coating technology, the application scope of the vacuum coating machine technology will be wider. In our daily life, coated products can be seen everywhere, such as mobile phones, mobile phone cases and mobile phone screens, cameras, etc. that we carry with us, accessories, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc., as well as auto parts, car lights , Car electronic screens, etc., as well as the glass of high-rise buildings outside, the coating technology is ubiquitous, the following Huicheng Vacuum Editor briefly introduces the application fields of vacuum coating machine technology, I hope to help you:

pvd coating machine

        The pvd coating machine uses vacuum electroplating equipment technology on architectural and automotive glass. A layer of TiO2 can be coated to turn it into anti-fog, anti-dew and self-cleaning glass. This kind of craft has very good application on automobile glass.
        The pvd coating machine is on solar energy. In order to effectively use solar heat energy, it needs to use vacuum electroplating equipment technology to coat a special surface.
        The application of pvd coating machine in optical instruments: the familiar optical instruments, microscopes, cameras, rangefinders, and mirrors, glasses, magnifying glasses, etc. in daily necessities, are inseparable from vacuum plating equipment technology and coated films There are several kinds of reflective film, anti-reflection film and absorption film.
        Application of pvd coating machine in the field of information storage: Thin film materials have unique advantages as information recording in storage media. The magnetization reversal is extremely rapid, and the bistable state parallel to the film surface is easy to maintain.
        The application of pvd coating machine in integrated circuit manufacturing: the protective layer and electrode pipeline in the transistor circuit mostly use CVD technology, PVCD technology, vacuum evaporation metal technology, magnetron sputtering technology and radio frequency sputtering technology.