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High precision Magnetron Sputtering Optical Coating Machine

The modular design of the equipment can be combined with plasma clean unit, magnetron sputtering unit, plasma enhanced chemical reaction (PECVD) unit, atomic layer deposition (ALD) unit and plasma chemical reaction etching (RIE) unit to expand the cluster micro nano machining center, covering the substrate cleaning and thin film deposition (including ultra-thin film) of semiconductor micro nano structure processing Film etching and patterning. It can meet the strict film deposition uniformity specification, reduce the defects of high stress film to the greatest extent, increase the output and reduce the cost.

ICP Assisted Magnetron sputtering is used to process all kinds of band-pass films and cut-off films with low absorption and low stress, such as face ID, mid and far infrared high transmittance films; magnetron sputtering is used to process all kinds of metals such as Cu, Al, Cr, Au, Ag, SUS, etc.

Product Advantage.

HCMS series High precision magnetron sputtering optical coating machine includes the following key capabilities:
  • Compact

    Small footprint, easy to integrate into the factory

  • Patented

    Huicheng independent research and development ion source

  • Accurate

    Accurate monitoring of film thickness

  • Low temperature

    Film formation at low temperature less than 70 ℃

  • Automation

    Automatic regulation of gas flow

  • Simple

    Easy to operate and maintain


Compatible with 4 ~ 12 inch automatic substrate transmission system
Few spot defects of deposited film in clean environment;
The deposition process is stable and the film has high repeatability
Real time direct monitoring based on substrate in process
Fast target changing and convenient maintenance


Advanced process control technology APCs: optical monitoring, in-situ temperature and film stress real-time measurement
SPT unit DC / DC pulse sputtering metal film is used for wafer packaging, intermediate frequency / RF Reactive Sputtering oxide / nitride film is used for high-precision optical devices, and ALD unit deposits ultra-thin film for barrier layer of semiconductor devices
RIE cells form microcircuits by patterned etching films with photoresist
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