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High precision Magnetron Sputtering Optical Coating Machine

The modular design of the equipment can be combined with plasma clean unit, magnetron sputtering unit, plasma enhanced chemical reaction (PECVD) unit, atomic layer deposition (ALD) unit and plasma chemical reaction etching (RIE) unit to expand the cluster micro nano machining center, covering the substrate cleaning and thin film deposition (including ultra-thin film) of semiconductor micro nano structure processing Film etching and patterning.

High precision multicavity magnetron sputtering optical coating machine

The machine has RF-ICP assisted post magnetron sputtering oxidation mode, high deposition rate and matching optical properties. It is suitable for car cover glass and 3C front cover glass to deposit ar film. Ar film can be either ordinary SiO2 + Nb2O5 film or hard SiO2 + Si3N4 film. At the same time, it is also suitable for the processing of 3C product back cover color film (including gradient film) and NCVM film.

Multicavity magnetron sputtering optical coating machine

The sputtering deposition system is equipped with a plurality of cylindrical targets on the side wall to improve the deposition rate and multilayer coating. The system is equipped with a DC pulse or RF power circular cathode. The vertically installed substrate and cylindrical cathode can minimize the particle pollution in the coating process. Through the flexible combination of multiple cavities, the production efficiency and film performance are greatly improved.

Magnetron sputtering optical coating machine

Compared with the ordinary plane target device in the industry, the service cycle and utilization efficiency of the target material of the rotating cathode device are significantly improved. The customized structure of the base plate workpieces frame can provide customers with the largest space for product placement. The fully automatic integrated lifting and lifting bogie device greatly reduces the opening and closing time of the machine and greatly improves the production efficiency and process stability. The ion source of Huicheng patent has the characteristics of wide energy balance, high ionization rate, super stable working efficiency and low energy consumption.

High precision E-beam evaporation optical coating machine

A precision vacuum coating machine for forming high precision optical multilayer films on glass / PC / PMMA substrates. The combination of various components to meet the needs of customers can form a film with better quality. The base umbrella frame adopts the central rotation mode to reduce the vibration and particles, so that the base plate can rotate stably. The multilayer film can be formed stably by using the electron beam heating method with no electrode on the crucible as the evaporation source.

Large E-Beam optical coating machine

Equipped with electron gun, cavity type, waist type or ring crucible, impedance type evaporation source; equipped with optical film thickness controller or quartz crystal film thickness controller, automatic control of film forming speed and coating process can be realized; RF / Kaufman / hall type ion source can be selected; AR, UV / IR cut-off filter, AF, hard film, decorative film, ITO film, band-pass filter, HR film, etc. can be prepared.

Impedance evaporation AS optical coating machine

AF/AS coating, i.e. antifouling film (as) and anti fingerprint film (AF film), is mainly to deposit organic fluoride materials on the substrate through vacuum coating technology, so that the surface of the substrate has the functions of water-proof, oil-proof, scratch proof, fingerprint proof and pollution proof. Widely used in digital products, watches, hardware and other glass, metal, plastic, ceramic material panels, parts surface, and decorative and functional film plus AF, as coating, improve surface hardness, smoothness, wear resistance, chemical resistance and easy cleaning.

RF ion source

Ion assisted deposition (IAD) and cleaning at high rate are the most suitable RF ion sources.

Optical thickness monitor

The unique frequency measurement system provides stable, high-resolution rate and thickness measurement, and gives the monitoring process excellent repeatability.

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