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Metal strip web coating machine

HCMRC series machine adopts the newly developed magnetron sputtering coating technology, cathode arc ion coating technology EB-PVD and special designed ion source assisted deposition coating technology are successfully applied in large diameter and wide width high vacuum continuous winding coating machine. Decorative film and anti-corrosion coating can be plated on the front and back sides, improving the surface characteristics of metal coil and expanding the application range.

Modular design concept, flexible combination of strip correction system, plasma pretreatment, magnetron sputtering system, on-line measurement and process control system, electron beam evaporation. It is the best choice for large scale metal strip continuous coating production line because of its good uniformity, high deposition efficiency and fast coating speed.

Packaging roll to roll vacuum coating machine

Series machine is a roll to roll metallization solution for aluminum barrier packaging applications. In industries with low profit margins, the highest production efficiency, coupled with excellent product performance, is the answer to future challenges. Traditional aluminum coatings are deposited on a wide range of flexible substrates to enhance optical, protective and barrier properties.

HCPAK series covers a width of 1100-3850 mm, as well as all common plastic film and paper substrates. The maximum output can be achieved at different speeds for a wide substrate of more than 2500 mm, which can increase the processing speed by more than 25% compared with the traditional system.

Flexible electronic roll to roll vacuum coating machine

With the intelligent machine concept, consistently excellent final product quality, lowest particle production (magnetron sputtering direction), easy maintenance and cleaning, scratch and wrinkle resistant windings (closed loop tension control), plasma pretreatment (optional), temperature controlled coating drum (- 15 to + 80 ° C), turbo molecular pump and cold trap for high vacuum pumping, in situ layer measurement system, With intelligent and robust design, easy to maintain and long machine uptime, compact design, minimum machine footprint

Capacitor roll to roll vacuum coating machine

HCCAP series machine can meet the requirements of capacitor metallized film in unlimited range. Aluminum or zinc aluminum can be evaporated to the surface of the film in vacuum. From standard to high-end applications, from thick film to thin film, from graphic design to sectional design, from thick layer to thin layer, from pure layer to laminated layer, all possible combinations can be realized in one system. The modular concept with multiple options and proprietary components makes the HCCAP series the standard product for mass production and the preferred system for highly complex applications such as ultrathin film and segmented patterns.

Holographic anti counterfeiting web vacuum coating machine

HCSEC series machine is a roll to roll coating machine for protection, safety and optical effects in large quantities on pet and (b) OPP substrates. Two different evaporators are used for different materials to minimize flexibility while reducing installation time. Layer deposition is based on thermal evaporation. Aluminum, silver and zinc sulfide are the most commonly used coating materials.

Experimental roll to roll vacuum coating machine

HCLAB series is a winding coating system based on modular, scalable and highly customizable platform, suitable for a variety of substrates and applications. It is designed for all processes and product qualification steps from laboratory to production. In addition, it is suitable for coating flexible glass

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