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According to the characteristics of super capacitor products and growing customer demand, we have developed a variety of equipment technology and coating process.

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For supercapacitors, there are different classification methods according to different contents. According to different energy storage mechanisms, supercapacitors can be divided into two categories: electric double layer capacitors and Faraday quasi capacitors. Among them, the electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) mainly generates energy by adsorption of pure electrostatic charge on the electrode surface. Faraday quasi capacitor is mainly produced by reversible redox reaction on the surface and near the surface of Faraday quasi capacitor active electrode materials (such as transition metal oxides and polymer), so as to realize the storage and conversion of energy.

According to the type of electrolyte, it can be divided into two categories: water supercapacitor and organic supercapacitor. Supercapacitors and supercapacitors can be classified according to whether they are of the same type. According to the state of electrolyte, supercapacitors can be divided into solid electrolyte supercapacitors and liquid electrolyte supercapacitors.

In syn vacuum, we provide ideal conditions for developing high efficiency technology. In our field technology and Application Center, we work with our customers to adjust and optimize our coating systems according to their specific needs and applications. Our team can rely on superior equipment to drive technology efficiently from the first idea to the industrial scale.

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