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According to the characteristics of various automotive glass related products and growing customer demand, we have developed a variety of equipment technology and coating process

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Automobile glass is made by heating the glass to the softening temperature in the heating furnace, and then the glass is quickly sent into the wind grid with different cooling intensity to cool the glass unevenly, so that the stress in the main viewing area and the surrounding area of the glass is different. Generally, the glass produced in this way is the regional toughened glass.

The surrounding area is located in the strong wind position of the wind grid, so it needs to be fully tempered. The fragmentation degree of this position is good, and the steel strength is high. The main view area is in the weak cold position of the wind grid, with large debris and low tempering strength.

Vacuum coating enables automobile manufacturers to produce cost-effective auto parts. Huicheng, as a leading supplier of vacuum coating equipment, serves the automotive industry all over the world. Our system meets international standards, we have high-power cathode patents, and the coating is more glossy. We are faster than any competitor's system, based on our years of experience Send out high efficiency, high productivity equipment.

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