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High end bathroom coating machine

This series of machine combines cathode arc ion coating technique, magnetron sputtering technique and pulsed bias technique in one machine. This model has become the main technology of hardware coating.

It can run arc system alone, or run magnetron sputtering system alone. These two systems can run at different time according to their advantages to get a perfect coating. For example, at initial stage of coating process, arc system is operated for clean and based coating using its high-energy particle bombardment, to enhance the adhesion between coating and substrates, then run magnetron system to get the coating that is smooth and delicate. This machine can also be equipped with ion sources, which can meet the needs of multi-functional coating.

Product Advantage.

HCMS+CA series high end bathroom coating machine includes the following key capabilities:
  • Effective

    The deposition rate is fast

  • Compact

    Small footprint, easy to integrate into the factory

  • Accurate

    Accurate control of plating thickness

  • High quality

    The film has high purity, good compactness and uniformity

  • Diversification

    Mixed sputtering of different metals, alloys and oxides

  • Remote access

    Provide factory remote diagnostics

Mode HCMA-1619
Size Ф1600×H1900mm
Coating Multi-function metal coating,composite membrane, transparent conductive coating, increase return to shoot coating, electromagnetic shielding coating, decorative coating, etc
Power supply DC magnetron sputtering power supply,MF sputtering power supply,high pressure ion bombard power supply
Target DC magnetic control target, medium frequency twin target, plane target and cylindrical target
Structure Vertical signal door, vertical double doors
Pump system Molecule pump(diffusion pump)+Roots pump +Mechanical pump+Holding pump(optional: turbo pump,poly cold system)
Air system Mass flow controller(1-4road)
Ultimate vacuum 6×10-4pa(no-loading,clean chamber)
Pumping time No-loading from air to 5×10-3pa <13mins
Workpiece motion mode 6 axis / 8axis/9axis public and self rotation/frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
Control mode Manual+semi-automatic+Automatic integration/touch screen+PLC
Remark We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customers special technique requirement.
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