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Stainless steelHardware

Hardware has been used in all aspects of life. Vacuum coating of hardware is one of the methods to improve the quality of objects. It has an impact on the protection, color retention and life of the products. It is more used as decoration to change the appearance.


With the continuous development of glass crystal products industry, including glassware, glass crafts, glass pots, glass wine sets, glass sets, daily glass, catering sets, lighting, crystal, etc., their appearance has been paid different attention in different fields. Vacuum coating on the surface of glass crystal products can obtain all kinds of required appearance.

Domestic ceramicsCeramic tile

Ceramics are widely used in daily life. Vacuum coating technology is widely used in the surface treatment of ceramic products, including ceramic tiles, porcelain chips, daily ceramic products (such as utensils, stationery), craft ceramics (such as flower bottles, figures, ornamental equipment), etc., such as tableware, tea sets, coffee sets, wine sets, rice sets, stationery, etc.; in daily fine porcelain, daily use Ordinary porcelain, daily stoneware, Bone China, Linglong household porcelain, underglaze (medium) color daily porcelain, daily fine pottery and so on are widely used.


Plastic is widely used in household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, medical devices, lighting appliances. With the sustained and stable growth of China's economy, home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PC, medical devices and other industries have benefited from a good external environment, and have achieved rapid development. The development of downstream industries has further stimulated the demand for plastics.

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