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With the continuous development of glass crystal products industry, including glassware, glass crafts, glass pots, glass wine sets, glass sets, daily glass, catering sets, lighting, crystal, etc., their appearance has been paid different attention in different fields. Vacuum coating on the surface of glass crystal products can obtain all kinds of required appearance.

The common glass products are: sealed cans, candle cups, water cups, coffee pots, tea sets, water polo, bell covers, lampshades, vases series, fruit platters, cold water kettles, fruit sweatcups, red sprinkling cups, smoking helmet cylinders, etc.; all kinds of essential oil bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles, hospital bottling bottles, exquisite crystal perfume bottles, glass perfume bottles, aromatherapy bottles and so on are used in cosmetics. , food bottles, wine bottles, etc.

Main technological process: frosting, sandblasting, gold tracing, vacuum electroplating, gilding, decal, baking, printing, packaging, etc.

recommended equipment.

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