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Stainless steel

At present, the requirements of stainless steel industry for industrial development are more and more strict and diversified. Stainless steel is widely used in watch accessories, industry, furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry. The vacuum coating process is widely used in stainless steel materials. Through the vacuum coating process, the stainless steel surface can obtain different colors, so that the color retention time of stainless steel products is prolonged, the texture is improved, and the products are high-end and more attractive.

Stainless steel materials do not need water treatment before vacuum coating. In the current situation of severe environmental protection problems, vacuum coating of stainless steel has been widely used. There is almost no waste water discharged in the whole treatment process, which causes little environmental pollution. In other words, there will be no chemical residue in the vacuum coating of the product, which naturally will not cause harm to human skin Families are more willing to use this technology.

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