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Hardware has been used in all aspects of life. Manufacturers often carry out vacuum coating on hardware, which is one of the methods to improve the quality of the products. It has an impact on the protection, color retention and service life of the products. It is more used as decoration to change the appearance.

As far as the coating technology is concerned, the characteristics of PVD coating are high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Naturally, the performance improvement of hardware parts is also obvious. After vacuum coating of hardware parts, under normal environment, the strong combination of film and substrate makes the product have the effect of oxidation resistance, color fading resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

Vacuum coating of hardware parts on jewelry and watch products can beautify the appearance and make popular colors such as K gold, rose gold and gun color to meet the market demand. For electronic accessories, digital accessories coating, to extend the service life, increase economic benefits has become the main purpose.

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