Optical film applications


Optical nonconductive vacuum metal plating (ncvm) is a new coating technology. Through chromium, nickel, aluminum and other metals, the final appearance and unique metal color effect of metal finish can be achieved. This process not only beautifies the product, but also realizes the non-conductive function, but also does not affect the wireless communication transmission on a variety of electronic equipment.
Due to the market demand for metal color surface decoration and environmental protection, vacuum technology has replaced electroplating products. When the communication products send or receive signals, the generated electromagnetic field will not be accumulated by the conductive coating. Thus, the interference of RF and ESD (electrostatic discharge) performance of communication products is avoided, so that communication products can have better reception effect and reduce noise.

HCVAC provides a series of magnetron sputtering optics and electron beam evaporation optics products, which can be used to prepare gradient color optical films on glass / PC / PMMA substrates, which are widely used in digital cameras / smartphones / decorative parts / displays, etc.
HCVAC can provide almost all the films that can be used in the optical industry. We work closely with our customers to develop and optimize the process equipment.

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