Optical film applications

Polarization element

  Polarization separation (PBS) !


  This filter separates S and P waves and there are two types: prism and plate.
  It is frequently used for LD pick up such as DVD, etc.
●  There is also a non-polarization beam splitter where the polarization component has the same reflection ratio.
●  There is also a half mirror (semi transparent mirror) that separates light to transparent and reflected light.

HCVAC provides a series of magnetron sputtering optics and electron beam evaporation optics products, which can be used to prepare polarizing optical films on resin substrates. Polarizing resins are widely used in sunglasses and camera lenses.
HCVAC can provide almost all the films that can be used in the optical industry. We work closely with our customers to develop and optimize the process equipment.

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