Optical film applications

UV/IR cut filter

▶   Remove unwanted ultraviolet and infrared light!

● Reflect ultraviolet and near-infrared emitted from a lamp and permeate the visual spectrum.
● Moire and near infrared light are to be removed by this coating.
● It is used to prevent degradation due to malfunction of stray light or ultraviolet.
● The performance of this coating relies on the quality of low-particle, high-transparency and low-Haze.

HCVAC provides a series of magnetron sputtering optics and electron beam evaporation optics products. It can prepare UV / IR cut-off filter film on glass / PC / PMMA substrate. UV / IR cut-off filter is widely used in digital cameras / smartphones / projectors / other optics, etc.
HCVAC can provide almost all the films that can be used in the optical industry. We work closely with our customers to develop and optimize the process equipment.

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