Transparent conductive layer
1. Transparent conductive films (ITO, ZnO, etc.)
1) High resistance ITO film: it is a kind of amorphous ITO film with high stability (small change over time) with flexibility and low square resistance for touch screen of 100 ~ 300 Ω sq
2) Low square resistance ITO film: liquid crystal, organic EL 10 Ω sq.
3) Metal grid: for touch screen, Cu grid (copper grid), Ag grid (silver grid), Al grid (aluminum grid)

2. Window film (laminated film of TiO2, SiO2, Ag, ITO, IZO, etc.)

3. Electrode film (Cu, Au, Ag, Al, NiCr, Mo), insulating film (SiO2, SiOx, sin, sion), DLC
For flexible substrate, secondary battery, rectifier
4. Antibacterial film (Ni alloy, kenifine)

recommended equipment.

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