The electrochromic intelligent glass has the adjustable light absorption and transmission under the action of electric field, which can selectively absorb or reflect the external heat radiation and internal heat diffusion, and reduce the large amount of energy that must be consumed for office buildings and residential buildings to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, it can improve the degree of natural light and prevent peeping. To solve the problem of light pollution in modern cities. It is a development direction of energy-saving building materials. Electrochromic material has the property of bistability. Electrochromic display device made of electrochromic material does not need backlight, and after displaying static image, as long as the display content does not change, it will not consume electricity and achieve the purpose of energy saving. Compared with other displays, electrochromic display has the advantages of ignoring blind angle and high contrast. The automatic anti glare rearview mirror made of electrochromic materials can adjust the intensity of reflected light according to the intensity of external light through the electronic induction system, so as to achieve the purpose of anti glare and make driving safer. Electrochromic intelligent glass can adjust the light intensity inside the car and airplane with lower voltage (2-5v) and lower power, making the journey more comfortable. At present, electrochromic dimming glass has been used in some high-grade cars and airplanes.

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