Conductive metal
Conductive coating is a kind of thin film or coating with a certain conductivity on the surface of insulating materials. There are two kinds of conductive coatings: one is the mixed type, the other is the transparent film type. Mixed conductive coating is a kind of conductive layer, which is mixed with fine particles of conductive materials into the filler of the coating, brushing or spraying on the surface of insulating materials together with organic or inorganic binders and diluents to form a conductive layer with certain conductivity. It can be applied on rigid or flexible substrates by spraying, printing, brushing and other processes. According to the application requirements, the resistivity of conductive coating can be adjusted by adjusting the content of conductive powder in filler or using conductive materials with different resistivity. This kind of coating is mainly used as electrode, electric heating film, and can also be used to eliminate electrostatic interference. Another more important type is transparent film type conductive coating. It is a transparent conductive film prepared by using semiconductor compounds, such as tin oxide, indium oxide, cadmium oxide, cadmium stannate, etc., or doped with a small amount of fluorine and antimony in these compounds

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