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Continuous coating machine for display

This series of machine is mainly used for plating various metal films, dielectric films, dielectric metal composite films, transparent conductive films and CF films on flat glass, acrylic, PC and PET substrates.

Solar film conductive film production line

This machine is widely used in solar cells, transparent conductive film as antireflection layer and transparent electrode, can improve the conversion efficiency of solar energy, reduce costs, non-toxic and environmental protection, film stability, and can eliminate the drawbacks of vertical production line can not be large-scale production, can greatly improve the production capacity.

Semiconductor continuous coating machine

The machine can be used to plate the photomask substrate of semiconductor chip, EMI package, equipped with degassing, plasma treatment, sputtering and other modules, standardized and modular design concept, high customization, taking into account the product specifications and low investment cost requirements, the key components adopt imported accessories to ensure the stability of the machine.

NdFeB coating continuous line

The machine is specially designed for plating NdFeB and other magnetic materials. It is equipped with rotating cathode to improve the utilization rate of target material. It is equipped with precious metal recovery design to effectively control the production cost.

AR+DLC+AF continuous magnetron sputtering coating line

DLC hard film is plated by magnetron sputtering. The hardness of DLC film is more than 8 and that of pencil is more than 9h. The hardness of film is close to sapphire glass. The transmittance of film is more than 99.4%. Steel wool is wear-resistant (@ 1kg 10mm × 10mm & gt; 8000 times) without scratch, and rubber + alcohol wear-resistant & gt; 5000 times without damage.

Decorative plating continuous production line

This series of machine uses multi arc ion plating material with intrinsic color, then magnetron sputtering optical film to strengthen and weaken the light of specific wave band, so as to combine any color.

Large area mirror / color mirror coating line

The production line is widely used in the field of building decoration glass products. It is a kind of coated glass, which is coated with various metals by magnetron sputtering, so as to form the glass with visible light reflection, which can reflect most of the visible light, and can also block indoor objects from being heated by the sun in summer, so as to play the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, the large area mirror production line can use different metals to form different reflection colors, which is the preferred architectural glass for various decoration industries.

Electrochromic glass coating production line

This series of equipment can continuously carry out multi-layer coating on electrochromic glass. The coating is divided into five layers: transparent conductive layer, electrochromic layer, ion conductor layer, ion storage layer and transparent conductive layer. Metal and non-metallic materials such as tungsten and lithium are sputtered onto the glass surface by vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology.

LOW-E Magnetron sputtering coating production line

Low-E glass magnetron sputtering coating production line is mainly used for single and double silver low radiation glass coating and toughening single and double silver low radiation glass coating. Curtain wall and window glass used in energy-saving building can heat insulation, energy saving and prevent light pollution.

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