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NdFeB coating continuous line

The machine is specially designed for plating NdFeB and other magnetic materials. It is equipped with rotating cathode to improve the utilization rate of target material. It is equipped with precious metal recovery design to effectively control the production cost.

Through arc, magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation and other coating methods, assisted by high-pressure ion bombardment, dense aluminum coating, dysprosium coating, terbium coating and other heavy rare earth materials are rapidly plated on NdFeB materials, so as to obtain a kind of magnetic steel with same performance and low cost, which saves costs for enterprises and reduces the waste of resources.

In view of the current rapid demand for NdFeB coating, our company has recently launched an improved NdFeB surface coating machine. The machine has the characteristics of fast deposition rate, dense film, high anti-corrosion ability and pollution-free production process, so as to meet the requirements of customers for products. We have rich industry experience, provide customers with one-stop service and solve their concerns.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series NdFeB coating continuous line includes the following key capabilities:
  • Energy conservation

    Save material and maintenance time, resulting in maximum utilization

  • Stable

    Stable process and excellent gas separation

  • High speed rate

    High splash rate, low oxidation rate and low gas consumption

  • Fast

    High uptime and fast maintenance cycle

  • Flexible

    Flexible programmable logic controller

  • Customization

    Allows configuration according to individual production needs

Item Performance
Substrate Nd2Fe14B
Workpiece size Various specifications, thickness 2-6mm
Pallet size 1640mm×1640mm
Rhythm 10-45min
Film material TB, Dy and their alloys
Film thickness 3-18um
Film uniformity ≤±5%
Dynamic rate ≥90%
Capacity 2 tons / day

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