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Continuous coating machine for display

This series of coating lines are mainly used for plate glass, acrylic, PC, PET substrates, various metal films, dielectric films, dielectric metal composite films, transparent conductive films, CF films, etc. The company can provide design, complete set of machine, process and "turnkey" engineering service.

The material of vacuum chamber body is SUS304. The wall of vacuum chamber is polished, and the outer wall is treated with spray bead after polishing. The vacuum chamber is separated by independent gate valve - plug valve, which can realize effective isolation and stabilize process gas. At present, our company adopts the gate valve design, which has better sealing effect and more durable than the current domestic general flap valve. The transmission adopts magnetic guidance to ensure the stability of transmission. The speed of each section of the whole production line is driven by frequency conversion motor, and the running speed is adjustable; electrical control system: touch screen and PLC automatic control, man-machine dialogue to achieve the system data display, operation and control.

The machine is mainly used for the surface coating of plastic panel and display screen in mobile phone, electronics, household appliances and other industries.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series multi function continuous coating machine includes the following key capabilities:
  • Vertical

    Vertical system configuration, the lowest particle collision

  • Temperature control

    Excellent surface control of substrate temperature

  • Open style

    Fully open the vertical chamber on the track system

  • Fast

    Good accessibility, fast maintenance

  • Diversification

    Design and use of high precision and special target materials

  • Multi-function

    Suitable for any application in large area coating field

Substrate Flat / curved glass
Substrate size G2.5~G8.5
Rhythm ~60s(Customized according to customer needs)
Dynamic rate ≥ 90%
Coating material SiO2/SiNx/Nb2O5/TiO2
Single target uniformity ≤±2%
Optical performance Tavg of 4AR >95% 
Tavg of 6AR >95.5%
(The transmittance of glass substrate is 91.5%, and the average value is 400-700nm)
Color difference value Plane glass ∆E<1 
Curved glass ∆E<3
Substrate PI film /0.06mm thick
Substrate size G2.5~G8.5
Rhythm ~60s(Customized according to customer needs)
Fold test 80000-100000 times
Dynamic rate ≥ 90%
Coating material SiO2/SiNx/Nb2O5/TiO2 /AF
Single target uniformity ≤±2%
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