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AR+DLC+AF continuous magnetron sputtering coating line

DLC hard film is plated by magnetron sputtering. The hardness of DLC film is higher than 8 and that of pencil is more than 9h. The hardness of film is close to sapphire glass. The transmittance of film is more than 99.4%. The wear resistance of steel wool (@ 1kg 10 mm × 10 mm > 8000 times) is not scratched, and the abrasion resistance of eraser and alcohol is more than 5000 times without damage. It can be effectively combined with AF.

This series of machine has a variety of DLC coating deposition technology and modular coating machine design. According to the application requirements of customer products, it can filter cathode arc, closed field magnetron sputtering, PACVD and ion source technology modules for DLC deposition machine, which are suitable for a variety of scientific research, product development and mass production requirements. Advanced technology, convenient operation, less energy consumption, green environmental protection and other characteristics, widely used in machinery, electronics, optics, energy, decoration and other fields.

The DLC coating developed by HCVAC has good adhesion, high hardness and wear resistance, low friction coefficient and low surface roughness. It can deposit DLC coating on the surface of various metal and alloy tools and parts. The unique low temperature coating technology can also be used to deposit DLC coating on high temperature resistant materials such as plastics.

DLC coating has high hardness, excellent friction and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, wide band gap, good optical permeability, excellent chemical inertness and biocompatibility. It has broad application prospects in aerospace, mechanical, electronic, optical, decorative appearance protection, biomedical and other fields. DLC coating is suitable for wear and sliding environment. It can reduce friction loss without any lubricating medium. It can be used in many fields such as automotive engine parts (fuel injection system, power transmission system), bearings, rollers, textile machinery, aerospace and other fields.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series DLC continuous magnetron sputtering coating line includes the following key capabilities:
  • Vertical

    Vertical system configuration, the lowest particle collision

  • DLC

    Durable diamond-like carbon coating

  • Temperature control

    Excellent surface control of substrate temperature

  • Modularization

    Flexible combination of various technologies

  • Open

    Fully open the vertical chamber on the track system

  • Uniformity

    Uniform deposition rate in the whole chamber

Item Performance
Max Working Temperature 550℃
Technology Characteristic PMAⅡ
Pretreatment ARC, AEG, DC, MF, HIPIMS
Cathode D120 / D160 / W125
Ultimate Vacuum Ultimate Vacuum ≤5×10-4Pa
Work Vacuum ≤5×10-3Pa
Machine Configuration Magnetically Levitated Molecular Pump
Pulse Bias Supply
PC Intelligent Control System
Remark Adopt the sputtering(UBM, RF, etc.),the effective height will be reduced
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