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Electrochromic glass coating production line

Smart glass is fully replacing Low-E glass and is widely used in high-end fields such as automobiles, high-speed railways, hotels, landmark buildings and so on. Electrochromism refers to the phenomenon that the optical properties (reflectivity, transmittance, absorptivity, etc.) of materials change stably and reversibly under the action of external electric field, which is manifested in the reversible change of color and transparency in appearance.

This series of equipment can continuously carry out multi-layer coating on electrochromic glass. The coating is divided into five layers: transparent conductive layer, electrochromic layer, ion conductor layer, ion storage layer and transparent conductive layer. Metal and non-metallic materials such as tungsten and lithium are sputtered onto the glass surface by vacuum magnetron sputtering coating technology.

All solid state electrochromic glass not only has low radiation function, but also has variable visible light transmittance and shading coefficient compared with LOW-E glass widely used all over the world. When the sun is strong in summer, the glass color can be adjusted to a minimum of 2% through the action of 3V DC to obtain the maximum shading coefficient below 0.1. In addition to reducing glare and giving people comfortable enjoyment, it can also reduce the entry of sunlight into the room, so as to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning; In winter, the shading coefficient can be adjusted to a maximum of 0.6 to allow more sunlight to enter the room, raise the indoor temperature and reduce the cost of heating. Electrochromic smart glass is 20% more energy-saving than Low-E glass.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series Electrochromic glass coating production line includes the following key capabilities:
  • Vertical

    Vertical system configuration, the lowest particle collision

  • Temperature control

    Excellent surface control of substrate temperature

  • Open style

    Fully open the vertical chamber on the track system

  • Fast

    Good accessibility, fast maintenance

  • Diversification

    Design and use of high precision and special target materials

  • Multi-function

    Suitable for any application in large area coating field

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