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Semiconductor continuous coating machine

The machine can be used to plate the photomask substrate of semiconductor chip, EMI package, equipped with degassing, plasma treatment, sputtering and other modules, standardized and modular design concept, high customization, taking into account the product specifications and low investment cost requirements, the key components adopt imported accessories to ensure the stability of the machine.

Application Industry:

TFT-LCD, CF, CSTN-LCD, STN-LCD, TN-LCD, El, OLED, PDP, VFD and other flat panel display industries;

HDI, FPC and other printed circuit board industries;

IC bumping, IC substrate, wire rack and other IC related industries;

Mens, sensor, enoder and other fine electronic components industry.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series Semiconductor continuous coating machine includes the following key capabilities:
  • Horizontal

    Wider choice of substrates

  • Uniformity

    Uniform deposition rate in the whole chamber

  • Temperature control

    Excellent surface control of substrate temperature

  • Modularization

    Flexible combination of various technologies

  • Customization

    Considering product specification and low investment cost

  • Remote access

    Provide factory remote diagnostics

Item Performance
Substrate Glass
Workpiece size According to customer demand
Pallet size 1400mm×800mm
Rhythm Customized according to customer needs
Film material Si, Cr and their compounds
Film uniformity ≤±2%
Dynamic rate ≥90%

Application cases.



Types of film making EMI anti electromagnetic interference shielding film, decorative film, etc
Power supply type DC magnetic control power supply + high voltage ion bombardment power supply
Cylindrical target DC magnetron target (oxygen free copper target + stainless steel target)
vacuum system Mechanical pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + maintenance pump (or optional: molecular pump, cryogenic system)
Inflation system Mass flow controller (1-3 channels)
Ultimate vacuum 6×10-4 pa(no-loading,clean chamber)
Pumping time No-loading from air to 5×10-3pa <6mins
Control mould Manual/Automatic all-in-one mode, Touching screen+PLC
Remark We can design the dimension of the vacuum chamber according to customer’s demand

Application cases.

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