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Large area mirror / color mirror coating line

The production line is widely used in the field of building decoration glass products. It is a kind of coated glass, which is coated with various metals by magnetron sputtering, so as to form the glass with visible light reflection, which can reflect most of the visible light, and can also block indoor objects from being heated by the sun in summer, so as to play the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. At the same time, the large area mirror production line can use different metals to form different reflection colors, which is the preferred architectural glass for various decoration industries.

The machine adopts efficient horizontal continuous magnetron coating line, equipped with front and rear rough extraction chamber, front and rear transition chamber, front and rear fine extraction chamber, front and rear buffer chamber, color plating chamber, new rotating cathode target and plane cathode target, high power medium frequency magnetron sputtering power supply, roller transmission, adjustable frequency conversion, induction door opening system. The production line adopts plug-in valve for chamber partition, which can achieve effective partition, stabilize process gas, uniform inlet pipe structure design, uniform air flow injection, PLC whole process control, rapid production rhythm, equipped with industrial computer display system, the control system can realize the dialogue between human and machine, timely intervene the production process, and there are alarm tips and faults in the operation process Display, fault display can prompt the operator to operate correctly and eliminate faults.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series Large area mirror / color mirror coating line includes the following key capabilities:
  • High quality

    The film is compact, uniform and has strong adhesion

  • High efficiency

    High deposition efficiency and fast coating speed

  • High reflection

    Up to 99% light reflection

  • Repeatability

    Accurate parameter control, automatic control and repeatable coating process

  • Modularization

    Flexible combination of multiple system technologies

  • Remote access

    Provide factory remote diagnostics

Item Performance
Power supply Resistance heating tungsten wire evaporation transformer power supply, high voltage ion bombardment power supply, silicon controlled rectifier power supply
Vacuum system Mechanical pump + roots pump + diffusion pump + maintenance pump (or option: cryogenic system)
Ultimate vacuum 8×10-4 pa(no-loading,clean chamber)
Pumping time No-loading from air to 5×10-2pa <6mins
Control mould Manual/Automatic all-in-one mode, Touching screen+PLC
Remark We can design the dimension of the vacuum chamber according to customer’s demand

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