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Decorative plating continuous production line

This series of machine uses multi arc ion plating material with intrinsic color, then magnetron sputtering optical film to strengthen and weaken the light of specific wave band, so as to combine any color.

The machine adopts the combination of magnetron sputtering coating technology, cathode arc ion coating technology and unique design of ion source assisted deposition coating technology, which can be used to prepare decorative coating and anti-corrosion coating on both sides, improve the surface characteristics of metal coil and expand the application range.

Decorative coatings
◆  Create surfaces that look and feel like high-quality metal at minimum process costs. A wide range of colors can be created, either as surface-colored layers or interference-colored layers.

Anti-corrosion coatings
◆  PVD technology is used to effectively steam zinc or magnesium on the front and back sides of the steel strip to improve the corrosion resistance.

Modular design concept, flexible combination of strip correction system, plasma pretreatment, magnetron sputtering system, on-line measurement and process control system, electron beam evaporation, using high stability magnetron power supply and high-precision gas mass flowmeter to ensure consistent coating parameters, good film uniformity, high deposition efficiency, fast coating speed and strong adhesion.

There are seven vacuum chamber parts in the design, the first part is the inlet chamber, the second part is the inlet buffer chamber, the third part is the import transfer chamber, the fourth part is the process room, the fifth part is the outlet transfer chamber, the sixth part is the outlet buffer chamber, and the seventh part is the outlet chamber. The production line adopts the advanced design of molecular pump to form atmosphere isolation, and the production line adopts the turbo floating molecular pump In order to obtain efficient isolation, stable pumping speed and uniform gas distribution.

Product Advantage.

HCCL series Decorative plating continuous production line includes the following key capabilities:
  • High quality

    The film is compact, uniform and has strong adhesion

  • High efficiency

    High deposition efficiency and fast coating speed

  • Decorative

    Multi color, uniform and bright surface

  • Repeatability

    Accurate parameter control, automatic control and repeatable coating process

  • Modularization

    Flexible combination of multiple system technologies

  • Remote access

    Provide factory remote diagnostics

Item Performance
Substrate Flat stainless steel plate
Size Width 1250mm, length ≤3400mm, thickness 0.5-3mm
Coating technology Multi arc ion plating, medium frequency magnetron sputtering
Rhythm ~60s(Customized according to customer needs)
Dynamic rate ≥90%
Color scheme Material intrinsic color + interference color
Film thickness uniformity Multi arc ion plating ≤10%
Medium frequency magnetron sputtering ≤2%

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