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According to the characteristics of the products in the field of interference optics and the growing customer demand, we have developed a variety of equipment technology and coating process

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Many modern detection methods and most telecommunication industry are based on optical technology. In these applications, optical filters need to filter a specific wavelength from the beam (notch filter), only allow the spectral band at a specified position to pass through (band-pass filter) or convert the reflection of specific wavelength light into transmission (cut-off filter). The interference optical film group, which is composed of dielectric layers with different refractive index, is used as optical filter.

The magnetron sputtering production line developed by HCVAC for optical precision filters is designed to prepare optical filters on flat substrates. As a precision filter, its absorption profile must have the characteristics of typical deep groove and low scattering rate, and can be produced repeatedly. From a technical point of view, this means that 50, 100 or more layers of films will be prepared and stacked together, and the film thickness of each layer will be precisely controlled, and the thickness uniformity of the overall film group deposited on the substrate will be less than + / - 1%. Optical related impurities should be eliminated in the process, and the equipment should have automatic processing of process formula and high output capacity.

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