ZNO film

The properties of ZnO based films are comparable to that of ITO, and the structure is wurtzite. Aluminum doped ZnO thin films have been widely studied. Its outstanding advantages are easy to obtain raw materials, low manufacturing cost, non-toxic, easy to realize doping, and good stability in plasma. It will soon become a new type of photovoltaic TCO products.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) material is rich in resources and has excellent performance as a transparent electrode. Therefore, it has been widely concerned as an alternative material for ITO (SN doped indium oxide) film used in flat plate using rare metals. In addition, zinc oxide is superior to Ito in transparency and surface flatness, which is expected to expand new applications. Our company adopts sputtering method to support the formation of films of GZO (doped with GA ZnO) and AZO (doped with Al ZnO).

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